The day was hot, but there was ice in my veins. In a mere moment, I had gone from well to ill. Two metallic, clinical words scribbled in a chart. Never again would I be fine; I would forever divide my life into the Before and the After.
  • [This has been a submission for Flash Fiction Friday at Purgatorian, in which JJ supplies the first few words for a writing piece to be posted on your blog. Try it!]
  • This week's assignment was to begin a story with the words "The day was hot, but there was ice in my veins." I didn't feel like writing a whole story, this was enough for me.


Merrill Mason said...

Oh yes. Connecticut too.

robmcj said...

Connecticut? Is that more spam?

"Try it!" I don't need to invent anything, it actually happened to me. I should write about it though. Good idea.

Harry Yak said...

hmmm i think i know the two words..

Hairy Yak.

i remember when i was told those two words. i remember.

Serena said...

I know this is an old post, but I have had that moment. Two neat little worlds that don't begin describe the pain and anguish you will bring upon yourself and others for the rest of your life.
I kid myself that I am better off knowing the name and following the treatment, but sometimes, I really believe ignorance is bliss. That way, at least, I would have the pleasure of not knowing that my actions/mood are a foregone conclusion. That somewhere out there is something better (but, realistically-- it's just the lesser of two evils. They've killed any hope I had for...well, hope).
Two sterile, emotionless little words that tear me up inside.